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Hi Guys! Now I'm going to write an article about me, all about me, all is related to me, Cindy...

Heya there! Call me Cindy... I like making story and playing computer a lot! Why? Because it's really fun and interesting. By playing computer and browsing the internet, I become up to date, and it's fun knowing many new news. I had an idea to make a novel and it started since I had finished my Mid Test in School. But until now, I haven't made it yet because I always want to play, play, and play, and I was trying to make my novel. The problem is, I haven't decided the characters' name yet. Actually, I have done it, but there's a lot of name that I have made. For example, I have made a name, "Scott Seamour, but when I searched it on google, what the hell? There is a lot of people named Scott Seamour. I have changed the surnames, like Scott Randall, or anything else, but there's still that name. And then I decided to change it become Scott Thorvaldson, and hopefully there aren't any names like that. Sigh, God bless me... :) I wish I could make my novel. Actually my teacher gave me a punishment as my birthday present by making a novel, not a novel, I mean 2 novels! I hope she wouldn't remember and I think she WON'T remember it anymore! haha :) Wish...

Beside making stories and playing computer, I decided to make a Youtube video. But it didn't work. Huh, it's hard and I think there's a problem with my webcam. And... Youtube is dangerous too, that's why I decided to stop trying to make a video and upload it to Youtube. Wew... This reminds me with my guitar. I broke it, I mean it fell down to the floor. And broken! I mean, I don't know. And it's lousy! Sucks! My parents wouldn't buy me a guitar, even it's only a local guitar. Only? Not... I wish I could have a Yamaha Guitar but I don't think so if it's useful after buying that thing. I just miss it a lot!

My Zodiac Sign is Aquarius because I born on 29th of January. I love Aquarius and I don't want to change my Zodiac, even though I had a chance to change it. Hey, do you know a story about one new Zodiac that can make all the Zodiacs changed. Because of that star, mine is Capricorn. But I think it's just a story and haven't been recognized by this world yet. My shio is pig. Do you know Shio? It's same as Zodiac but the characters were all animals and it's recognized by Chinese.

I love Music and it has been a part of my life. I take a Electone course every Saturday. I can play a little bit piano (because it's same like Electone) but it's harder I think. I can play guitar a little bit too and it's fun! I started to play Electone I was 7/8 years old so it's about 6/7 years old. It's fun and not too hard. I started to play guitar since I was 13 so it's about 1 year. At first, it's really hard. My friend taught me but after having my guitar, I could play many songs and I really enjoy playing guitar! It's interesting and I can rock myself! Yeah! :D I don't have any "favorite" bands but I like Jonas Brothers' songs. I also like Selena Gomez's, Demi Lovato's, and Brie Larson's songs. Actually, I love listening to a nice song especially for the inspirational songs.

I love eating and I like a lot of food! But my favorite is Chinese food, steak/grilled. I like drinking tea, cappuccino milkshake, coffee, mineral water, and I'm crazy about chocolate!

My dream is to be an author. I'm not thinking about that too much. I'm just thinking about my future. I haven't decided what I wanna be one day, I mean decide it clearly. I want to be an author, or business woman, music teacher but first and foremost I want to be an author. I have a high imagination and it's fun to be an author for me. Isn't it cool to be the youngest author in the world? Wow! >O<>

I used to get attracted with magic. But because of something that's privacy, I don't get interested in magic anymore. My favorite magician is Angela Funovits, she cool and adorable! I like her and it's hard to play fast hand for girls! Haha :D. I can play several magic tricks. I used to learn about mental magic and fast hand tricks. It's fun!

10 FAQ's about me :
♥ I love my family!
♥ I'm crazy about CHOCOLATE!
♥ I like dreaming and imaginating.
♥ Music is the best.
♥ Sarcastic.
♥ Confident.
♥ Creativity that I need.
♥ Freak.
♥ Crazy sometimes.
♥ Stay cool.
I can be very sarcastic and freak one day! And my reason is always : Sorry, because I haven't drunk my medicine. Hehe :)
Alright, I think that's enough about me. Just give your testimonial or ask a few questions if you want. Contact me : cindycaderlyne@gmail.com to give critics or just saying Hello! You can also ask me by visiting http://www.formspring.me/cindycaderlyne. My facebook is : http://www.facebook.com/cindy.wangsajayafull or http://www.twitter.com/itsc1ndy. Thanks, Guys!

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