Online Special Episode!

Haha... In this time of period, wow?

I have just online with my friend from Malaysia. It was fun! We were talking about our fans... And then, this was the best. I have talked with Mr. Guy Bavli and it's fun! I didn't know if he was the real Guy or now but I bet he was the real one. Guy Bavli was one of the contestants in the Phenomenon show, NBC. But he lost in the last final episode, 4th. (Don't you think that these sentences were a little bit bla bla bla). Here it is :
hello mr. Bavli!
i really enjoy your magic show!
where you from?
im from california
have we met?
no, we havent
but i was impressed with your performance in Phenomenon. lol
ohhh thanks!
nice to meet you?
thank, nice to meet you too
but its so
i wish that you could be the winner
but actually you were eliminated in episode 5
but it's ok, you were in the 5th place. haha
was last finale episode and 4th
but who cares
it was fun
but you have done your best...
we always its not about winning
nice to meet you and see you around... sign up to the mailing list on my website:
agree! thank you so much
and it's fun to meet you and have a chat with you
hey mr. bavli, do you know Mamada Chitmangkongkul?
no ?
Actually, I want to ask you. Can you do mind reading?
depend check my website
is mind reading really exist?
im trying to learn it, but i still cant

But he hasn't answered my latest question yet but who cares? :P

Wew... And it was great. Before I didn't want to have any conversations with Eran Raven or Guy Bavli even though they were online. But because this was midnight and I've got a little bit crazier so I did it.

It was fun having online in the midnight! And it was, I thought might be... 1:30 a.m so I just wanted to sleep. But it's hard to leave the conversation between me and my friend, me and my cousin. It was hard! How about Guy Bavli? :P
I think he is kind and not arrogant. Well ~ I haven't memorized my English oral test yet and I'm afraid of tommorrow? What would happen tommorrow? Alright, Guys.. See ya later, toodles! :)

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