Line And Line

Hey everyone! I told you before that I want to design some styles and I've made it. Even though I'm not really like fashion and I'm not a fashion big fans, but I think design a style is a fun thing. Alright, here it is.

Well, I know you guys could do better than me. I'm a beginner and I never thought being a fashion designer before. I'm not a professional one but I believe that practice makes perfect. Toodles all :)

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Broken Hearted Poem

You used to say that I was an angel
You used to say that I was the princess
You used to say that I was the perfect one

You held my hands every time
This hair you touched all the time
11 p.m the time we had a phone call

But now you're gone, leaving me alone
Do you know how much  love you
But it's all over now

3 months you've been with her
You hold her hands 
Like the way you did to me
You say all the romantic words to her
And leave me alone
In this dark way, hopeless, and desperate
And I promise...
I won't love you forever...

- Cindy...

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I Miss Blogging

Hi, Bloggers! It took a very long time to re - decorate my blog and finally I choose this template. Huh... I try not to find the complicated one and I choose this one. 

Well, I guess I will change this blog. I try to study how to design styles, even though I'm not a fashion lover and I don't really like fashion, but I love drawing so I think it would be fun to sketch some cool styles. 

Alright everyone, see you :)

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My Experience about Sleep Paralysis

Hi everyone! Right now I'm going to talk about sleep paralysis that I had. It's not the first time I had it. I have had sleep paralysis for about more than 3 times, and the first time happened when I was about 10/11 years old.

It was night, for about 11 a.m or 12 p.m. (I don't know exactly) 

I was lying on my bed. There was my elder sister beside me, and my younger sister was sleeping on the other bed which was under my bed's. I couldn't sleep. I was trying to sleep. I didn't feel comfortable at that time. I just want to open my eyes, because I still couldn't sleep even though I close my eyes. Everyone was sleeping, except me. Well, sometimes I couldn't sleep during the sleep time, but I believed that I didn't have insomnia. It's just a sleep disorder I thought.

I had to sleep. I knew that it wouldn't be good for my health if I tried not to sleep. I wouldn't concentrate during school time on the next day. That's why, I lay my body in the supine position, trying to sleep. But suddenly, I had a dream, a very weird dream, and I thought it wasn't logical.

My younger sister and I was walking along a dark straight road. It was so dark and there was only us there. We didn't meet any people there. There was just us - my sister and I. Suddenly, she asked me to see. I didn't know what she was asking about, but I thought that she asked me to see if there was or wasn't any ghosts. I didn't have an ability to see ghost, so I was getting extremely confused at that time. Just then, that dream was lost. And I...

I realized that I was backed to my dream. I realized that I was lying on my bed, but there was something really annoyed and made me felt afraid. I couldn't move my body. I even couldn't move my finger! It was so hard! I felt so weak. Then, I felt that there was something who pushed me. It didn't let me go! I felt so panicked and exhausted. It seemed like I got trapped in a very small room. My face, my hands, and my leg were like bounded by a extremely strong rope. It was so hard to take a breath. 

I prayed to God. I tried to awake, but I still couldn't. I couldn't open my eyes, and I felt so tired. Every time I tried to be strong, I felt weak, very weak. Weaknesses took all of my energy. I got ready to wake my self up. I counted 1 until 3, and I tried to move my body! It didn't work and really wasted my energy and I felt totally limp. I tried it again, but it still didn't work. Being pushed like that, it made me feel so weak and desperated. I didn't know what I should do.

I got cold sweat. But suddenly, I realized something. I had to strengthen my heart, not my body. Because every time I strengthen my body, it would make me weak. I tried to believe in myself and felt confident. I prepared myself, and counted 1 until 3. I moved my body hardly. And suddenly, I thanked to God because I awake. But I still felt weak and didn't believe what had happened. I was lying on my bed, but I still didn't want to move my body. I felt a little bit shocked and afraid. But suddenly I tried to move it. I felt so thirsty, so I decided to take a glass of water. I didn't want to sleep at that time, but stayed up all night would disturb my school activites. So, I decided to go to my parents' bedroom and slept there.

Until now, researchers still can't explain what things that causes sleep paralysis. Is it because of evil or just a scientific problem. Because some people sometimes hear footsteps and see evils,  but I wasn't. Some people felt lucky and happy while having sleep paralysis because lead to astral projection or out of body experiences.  I'll see you Guys later :D

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Sleep Paralysis Part 1 (About Sleep Paralysis)

Alright, Guys. I think some of you might know about sleep paralysis, but some of you might not know about it. So, I'm going to talk about what sleep paralysis is.

What is Sleep Paralysis?
According to , Sleep Paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in normal subjects or be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. The pathsophysiology of this condition is closely related to the normal hypotonia that occur during REM sleep. When considered to be a disease, isolated sleep paralysis is classified as MeSH D020188.[2] Some evidence suggests that it can also, in some cases, be a symptom of migraine.

What are the possible causes?
Many people who commonly enter sleep paralysis also suffer from narcolepsy. In African Americans, panic disorder occurs with sleep paralysis more frequently than in Caucasians.[12] Some reports read that various factors increase the likelihood of both paralysis and hallucinations. These include:

1. Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position.
2. Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation.
3. Increased stress.
4. Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes.
5. A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode.
6. Excessive consumption of alcohol coupled with lack of adequate sleep.

The Treatment?
Treatment starts with patient education about sleep stages and about the muscle atonia that is typically associated with REM sleep. For most healthy individuals, avoiding chronic sleep deprivation is enough to relieve symptoms. It is recommended that patients be evaluated for narcolepsy if symptoms persist.

Related Phenomena?
Many perceptions associated with sleep paralysis (visceral buzzing, loud sounds, adrenal mental state, presences, and the paralysis itself) also constitute a common phase in the early progression of episodes referred to as out of body experiences. Mental focus varies between the two conditions; paralysis sufferers tend to fixate on reestablishing operation of the body, whereas subjects of out-of-body episodes are more occupied by perceived non-equivalence with the body.

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I absolutely love imagination and I'm a kind of person who always use my imagination in my life. I love imagine something, and definitely.. I love fantasy! I really love reading Fantasy Story, actually I prefer watching to reading it, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I think J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan are so great. They could make such beautiful fantasy stories that's so adventuring and extremely awesome! Their imagination were so great and I loved the way they made those kind of fantasy stories! I'm crazy about writing stories too, and I hope I can be a great fantasy author one day! Extremely love fantasy! All fantasy authors are great I think due to the fact that they can make a lot of fantasy creatures such as mermaids, pegasuses, unicorns, and the other creatures

If you are interested in writing story, especially writing fantasy stories, it would be great if you keep practicing your writing. You can write wherever, whenever, and what would you like to write. Just use your imagination and keep working hard. :)

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If you want to reach something that you wanna reach, you must try to reach it, no matter if it's hard or easy, you just want to reach it and wish that you could reach your dream, because you wanna reach something that's really important for yourself.

After you success in reaching your dream or what you want, I bet you will feel extremely happy and proud of yourself, isn't it? You must feel so happy and confident, believe in yourself because you have done the best for yourself.

I'm proud of myself because I have done the best and shown my best especially to my mother. She had picked me up during the examination and I just felt so sorry if I couldn't make her proud, I couldn't make her happy. Every children's dream is to make their parents happy, I bet all of you who read this especially if you are children will agree with me. You guys want to make your parents happy , aren't you? The biggest dream of a child is to make his/her parents happy, I think.

Finally, I'm so excited. I wasn't really focus on my studying before, definitely when I was studied for my examination. But, I really thanked to God because He have lead me during the examination, and I know He will always lead me forever. I can make my parents proud. I have given the best gift (for her). I graduated from the eighth grade and got rank 2 in my class. That makes me become a confidant and... I absolutely proud of myself.

"You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong." - Warren
"You will find the key to success under the alarm clock. " - Benjamin Franklin
So, Guys... Do the best for your parents and yourself, of course. Because the best about you, will make your parents feel so proud of yourself. I believe that you can make your parents feel glad and do the best for yourself!

Thank you for my friends, especially from the 8th grader. It's so cool to have friends like you guys. Hope we can meet and be good friends - last forever..

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Hi Guys! Now I'm going to talk about selfishness. I bet everyone has their "selfishness". I have been a selfish person, and all of you might have been selfish. Selfish people always focus on themselves. They always think about themselves and do the best for themselves. I don't want to be selfish but sometimes, it's really hard to be unselfish person.

MY OPINION about Selfishness

Why people become selfish sometimes?
I think because they just consider about themselves. Nobody is perfect. They are too concern about themselves, or something that's related to themselves.

Do you think that selfishness can be overcome?
Might. I don't think so. It just depends on the characteristic of the people. If they are really concern about themselves and they don't care about their environment, their friends, or even their relatives, I think selfishness will be so hard to overcome for those kind of people.

Do you think that selfishness is useful?
Sometimes it's usefull... LOL... My teacher said that to me. But I think, it won't be useful. Humans are social persons - we can't live by ourselves. We need to make friends in this vast world. We need people's helps and they need our helps too. As humans, we help each other, and cooperate to find a way when we've got a problem. Every cloud has a silver lining...

How to be an unselfish person?
Care about your friends. The first and the easiest thing to be an unselfish person is to care about your environment or your family/friends. You have to help your friends and I'm sure that they will help you if you have a problem. At least you don't have to be really concern about yourself...

Do you think that you're a selfish person?
I'm not a selfish person but sometimes I can be selfish. Selfishness is really hard to be erased in every people's mind. It's so hard and the only people who can erase the selfishness, is just yourself... You need to control your mind so as not to be selfish - I think...

"After all, I don't see why I am always asking for private, individual, selfish miracles when every year there are miracles like white dogwood."  - Anne Morrow Lindbergh .

I wish all of the people in this world wouldn't be a selfish people. I believe that we can do it! We can do it! :)

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"If you don't believe in yourself, you will feel the worst thing in your life..."

I always hate the time when I don't believe in myself. Just now when I was in my English course, I wanted to answer a question, but I didn't think that my answer was correct. I knew that I had to believe in myself, but I just got the influence - I didn't know where it came from... So, I wrote the wrong answer. You might not understand about this actually... At least, I'm speechless right now, I don't know how to tell to all of you. But... At least I just want to say to all of you, to believe in yourself... Due to the fact that I didn't believe in myself, I couldn't get the best score in my class.

I have learnt a lot of things from these quotes below...

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - Buddha

"It is always better to have no ideas than false ones; to believe nothing, than to believe what is wrong." - Thomas Jefferson

"The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just."  - Abraham Lincoln

"I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil." - Albert Einstein

"So, just believe in yourself, and be confident. Start from right now, I will always be confident and believe in myself. Tadda!"

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Waisak Day 2010

"Selamat Hari Raya Waisak 2554 bagi kalian yang merayakan!"

Wah, nggak kerasa ya sudah memasuki Hari Raya Waisak lagi... Perayaan Waisak tahun 2010 kali ini dirayakan dengan cukup meriah. Detik-detik Waisak kali ini dilaksanakan pada pagi hari, kurang lebih jam 6. Kalian pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan Hari Raya Waisak, bukan? Hari Raya Waisak sudah masuk menjadi salah satu bagian dari kebudayaan Indonesia. 
Bagi umat Buddha, Waisak adalah :
1. Hari di mana memulai hidup baru / tahun baru. Hari di mana dosa-dosa dan kesalahan para umat Buddha dihapuskan.
2. Hari di mana Buddha mencapai penerangan sempurna (Arahat).
3. Peringatan terhadap usaha Buddha yang telah membabarkan ajaranNya (Dhamma) selama 45 tahun sebelum Beliau mengalami Parinibanna. Ajaran Buddha adalah : Janganlah berbuat jahat, perbanyaklah perbuatan baik, sucikan hati dan pikiran.

Waisak 2010 dirayakan di Candi Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah dan dihadiri oleh banyak umat Buddha untuk bersembahyang.

Buddha's Quotes :
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

Happy Waisak Day all! Buddha Bless You :)

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So, what do you think about "Freedom". Everyone loves freedom, because freedom is needed by everyone. I'm so happy because I feel that "Free". I have finished my examination, and now I'm feeling so free... I remembered when I studied until midnight, and woke up on 5.30 a.m... Haha, but now it's all over!

I think Freedom is something that is really needed by everyone. Everybody needs freedom. Freedom is something that can make a change. Freedom is the greatest time to find inspirations. Freedom is the greatest chance for humans to have some fun and lose control! I love freedom...

Talking about "Freedom", actually I realize that freedom is really hard to get. Freedom is really priceless, I think. We can only get it after having a suffer. For example, I can feel "this" feeling after studying for the test. Every country can get a freedom by struggling and fighting for their countries. All of the soldiers were trying to be the winner when the World War II, remember that?

Everybody expresses Freedom by raising their hands and saying "We are free! We are free from suffer, we are free from everything that is suffering, we have reached what we wanna have, A FREEDOM!"

To celebrate the freedom, now... Raise your hands and say "I AM FREE!"

God Bless You all...

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Mother's Day Around the World

So, what do you think about Mother's Day? Do you think that it's important? I think Mother's Day is really important because it's the time to tell our feeling about how we love her. The greatest position that every woman wants is to be a mother in their life. I regard Mother's Day as a very special, but sometimes I scared to say I love You to my Mom, and I feel that I'm really shy. 

"For my greatest hero, for my wonderful banker, for my professional chef and doctor, for a part of my life, for the most beautiful woman in my mind, and for my everything... I just want to say I ♥ you. Now, say it to your Mom! Happy Mother's Day around the world... :)"

~ My mom is my greatest hero for me because she always takes care of me with her love. I really appreciate what she has done with me.

~ My mom is my wonderful banker because she always gives me money whenever I need them. As a child, I'm poor because actually, everything belongs to my Mom. My uniform, my clothes, my shoes, and all of my things. They're brought by my Mom and Dad's money.

~ My mom is my professional chef because she never feels tired to cook for me. And she is a good cooker! She is good at cooking and everybody loves the way she cook (because she cooks so fast), and the food that she makes are really great! Taste, yummy! My mom is a good doctor too because she never feels tired to take care of me when I'm sick, and I love her!

~ My mom is a part of my life that is really hard to be separated, my mom is the most beautiful woman in my mind, and my mom is my everything. 

Mom, If I hurt your feelings, you will always forgive me. You give me punishments that make me become a good child. You always take care of me, you work for me. You are a good entertainer and you always make me smile with your jokes. You are the one who always support me so that I can reach my dream. You always help me when I've got a problem. You are my shelter, you always defend me. 

I know you will feel really hurted when I hurt your feelings. I know if I killed myself and let the doctor took my kidney, my lungs, liver, and all parts of my body, it wouldn't cure your feelings. You don't want anything for me, you don't want my money to cure your feelings, but you just want my apology. And when I say I'm sorry to you, you will be very happy and it will cure your feelings.

I just don't know how to say thank you to you. You are the best for me! I love you so much, Mom...

Happy Mother's Day Around the World!!!

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My Favorites ...

Hi, Guys! Now, I'm going to tell you about my favorites bla bla bla... The things that I like and they're all dedicated to me...

Q : Start from the simple one. What is your favorite food?
A : I like every food but I really like Chinese food, steak, and grilled. They are really delicious to be eaten. I'm crazy about chicken noodle, or soups. Like them a lot!

Q : Now, what is your favorite drink?
A : I really like cappuccino/chocolate milk shake, tea, coffee, and mineral water.

Q : What is your favorite movie?
A : I like adventurous and fantasy movie like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I also like Barbie movies because I love the effects and the fantasy stories! Action movie is not bad too.

Q : What is your favorite day?
A : I like Saturday Night. I'm a Night person.

Q : What is your favorite band / celebrity?
A : I like Jonas Brothers' songs because they are awesome! I also like Demi, Selena, and Brie Larson because they are great and talented!

Q : What site do you often open?
A : Now is Blogspot.

Q : Do you like Twilight?
A : I don't think so. :)

Q : Do you like making story? What kind of story is it?
A : A lot. I like making adventurous and fantasy story! :)

Q : What favorite music do you like?
A : I like upbeat, electro rock, and pop musics.
Q : Which one  do you prefer, Angel or Devil?
A : Angel, naturally...

Q : Your favorite colour?
A : I like black, white, and blue.

Q : Your favorite style?
A : I like something that's comfy to wear... Just that, simple...
Getcha! Bye all! I'm so boring. I just twisting my pen and saying, Laa dee daa~ See ya!

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Movie part 1...

Hi, Guys! So, if I'm talking about my family, or even your family, what words will you say for the first time? Family is really unique. Sometimes, it can be very annoying. But sometimes, you will feel that your family is the greatest present from God. Sometimes you really love your family, but sometimes you really don't like your family. That's it!

Actually family is the first and foremost for me. It is the greatest present from God to me. Without them, I will feel loneliness and scariness in my mind. I will never know about something that's really funny, something that's really adventurous. My mind will be filled with all sad things, or maybe I feel that it's really useless to live in this earth. I really thank God for my family : My daddy, my mommy, my sisters, my grandma, and also my friends! They are really helpful for me.

I just watched a movie that had been released in 2003. The title of the movie is : Freaky Friday, starring : Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon, Harold Gould, and Chad Michael Murray. It's about an overworked woman and her 15 year - old daughter. They are not get along with each other. One day, they have a big argument in a Chinese Restaurant. And after they eat a fortune cookie, suddenly their bodies are switched in the next day. But those things make their relationship become good, and finally they have a good relationship, such as mother and daughter. Wanna see the stories! See it on Youtube. 

Here is one of the scenes :

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Tess Coleman
Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman

                                       Chad Michael Murray as Jake

The movie is really fantastic! It's funny and I really enjoy watching this movie. As a family, we need to be honest and helping every each other....

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Protect Our Earth From the Global Warming Issue!

At the Biology Lesson in my school, my friends and I learnt about the environmental management. My teacher told us that, before he was a teacher, he worked in one of the television show, as a map reader. He had many experiences when he worked as a map reader. Then, he said that we studied Biology, not only for boosting our knowledge, but also knew about something that’s related with the environment. So, he chose to be a teacher and left his previous occupation, because he wanted to share his experiences and knowledge with many children. He told about the environment which was got worse in the last few days and ordered us to protect our environment from danger.
Therefore, I must not be selfish and need to worry about the environmental issue in this world. The environmental issue that I most concerned about is global warming. Pollutions and carbon dioxide will affect global warming. Because of the green house effect, the earth is warming faster than 10.000 years ago! And, because of global warming, the climate will change, and there will be land degradation. As we know, people have made many presentations about global warming, spread brochures, and posters which were said: “STOP, GLOBAL WARMING!” I always hear several people said those words, but how can it stopped while there still a few people who are consider about global warming.
So, I want all of the people not only say that we must stop global warming, but also try to stop it. Several people say that we can stop the global warming by plant trees, be a vegetarian, etc,  and I think people have already known about those. I have the better idea to decrease the global warming issue. People can make a fuel which made from biogas, such as animals’ dirt. The bacteria will make a pressure and yield electricity. The filths from that process will be used for fertilizing plants. If we make it, I think we can help them who lived in the isolated village, and it can reduce the impact of Global Warming because we have decreased the exploitation of oils and coals, and people can help this earth from global warming issue!
Sometimes, when we tried to remind people who are littered, the people would say that we are disturbing them. .So, as a student, I started to do the simple one, I have made a presentation and tell it to my friends. I also have told all of my friends and someone that I known to recycle things such as papers. We can crush the papers using mortal and pestle, then added with water and dry them. Recycling paper will save million of trees in the world!
 So, all of you please protect this earth. Now, there are several people who create an organization, such as WWF. That organization will protect our earth from danger. So, who want be participated in our protecting programme? Let’s protecting our earth from global warming issue! 

I made the essay when I was joining the Nickelodeon Big Green Help Essay Writing Competition. It's fun!

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How to Overcome your Afraidness When Speaking in Front of Many People

I know that there are several people who become afraid when they are asked to talk in front of the classroom. And they will be more afraid when they are asked to talk in front of the classroom or many people spontaneously because they haven't prepared anything yet. Actually, you don't have to be afraid! And for you who are afraid to talk in front of many people, I will try to fix your problem, cause I think it's a BIG problem!

I used to be like that before. I was afraid if my teacher asked me to speak in front of the class. I wasn't really afraid, but I was a little bit nervous and not too confident. I just didn't believe in myself that I could do better than what in my doubt was. I just talked ordinarily, I didn't do the speech or talk very well. Evidently, I was thanked to God cause now I know that I have an ability to talk in front of many people. Even though my teacher asks me to do it spontaneously, I'm not afraid. I just realized that ability when I was Junior High School. So, all you have to do to overcome your afraidness is :

1. Find your Ability
If you think that you don't have any abilities, it MUST be wrong! Humans are unique. Every human has his/her own ability. For example, if you are good at music, your friend maybe isn't good at music. Or, if you aren't good at Maths, maybe you are good at Biology. Everything is possible! So, try to find your ability. You will find and know it someday. Believe in yourself is the best thing that you should do.
I remembered I have realized about my ability since I was Junior High School. When my teacher hadn't come into my class yet, and all my friends were so noisy and it's really disturbing. I just came up with an idea. I remembered my friend gave me my teacher's flash disk, and I just turn on the computer. I asked everyone to be quiet and I started to be a teacher! I explained about the lesson, even though I was a student and I didn't know about the lesson clearly. The following day, my teacher asked all my friends to give me applause when she knew that I had helped her to explain the lesson. At that time, I realized that I had an ability to speak in front of the people spontaneously and my life had changed from Elementary School to Junior High School. I wasn't shy and introvert anymore...

2. Be confident and Trust Yourself
Think positive! Don't think that everything that you've planned will gonna be wrong. Don't think that you'll get embarassed. Don't say ,"I can't do this!". But believe in yourself, and say... Yes, you can! (Mr. Obama!) Yes, Mr. Obama is right. You can't do everything unless you believe in yourself. Don't try to predict something that's negative, but say to your heart that you CAN do what you wanna do. I never say ,"Oh God! I'm gonna die! I cant, I can't!" If you say those words, it means that you have controlled your brain, you don't believe in yourself, you think about the negative side, and then you won't be success. You have accentuated that you can't do what you wanna do in your mind. That's why I want you to be focus on yourself and be a confidant.

3. Add your Knowledge
If your teacher ask you to give the speech in front of the class spontaneously, you need to know about what you are going to say. Reading books can help you to boast your knowledge so that you can easily speak in front of the people without thinking about what you gonna say too much in order not to waste your time.

If you're just talking in front of the people seriously, people will sometimes get bored and think that your speech is really monotonous. Try to give some jokes or funny stories (but remember, you aren't a joker, so don't tell about something that's absurd or they will mark you as a joker.

5. Open your Minds
Open your minds! Think that you can do what you wanna do. I didn't practice to speak in front of many people when I was asked to talk in front of them spontaneously. Just when I realized and changed myself into a confidant and brave girl, I could talk fluently and the idea would come up easily in my brain. I have a strong commitment that I can do it, I can talk in front of the people spontaneously, that's why I might be not afraid and I can easily speak in front of my friends or teachers.

6. Control them!
Sometimes when you talk to somebody, they won't hear you because they feel that they prefer gossiping or playing with their friends to listening to your speech. If you meet a situation like this, you have to entertain them, or at least you have to control them so that they will hear your speech and respect you.

7. Throw Away Your Nervousness
Nervous is the biggest enemy. It always appears when you're feeling afraid or confuse. To throw away this feeling, all you have to do is to be brave and think positive! Don't feel afraid or confuse. Trust yourself that you can do it!

Well, I'm not really good at talking / a professional one. But actually I think that it's ok. I just believe in myself and have a commitment that I can do it, I can do it. And, I don't know why I can find my ability. Now, I'm confidant, I have a confidence, and think something postively. Hope this will help you. Thanks :)

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Inspirational Song part One

Do you know if there's a lot of inspirational songs! You know, I'm crazy about music and music have been part of my life! Now, I'm going to share some inspirational songs for you.

Brie Larson - Hope Has Wings

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus

When I'm stuck on the ground
There's a walk only down
Every step sends me falling
Not sure how to begin
How to rise l
ike the wind
So that soon I'll be soaring
I just breathe... and let myself believe

Cuz hop
e has wings
To carry you
Is possible
Just might be
A miracle
Waiting to come true

So I lift my eyes
And see the sky
Feel my heart begin to fly
I will be carried by my dreams
Cuz hope ha
s wings

I can climb through the clouds
Far way from my doubt
That would be so amazing
Feel the sun o
n my face
Such a beautiful place
Yeah I know that it's waiting
Skating safe... encouraging with faith

Cuz hope has wings (hope has wings)
To carry you
Is possible
Just might
A mirac
Waiting to come true (come true)

So I lift my eyes
And see the skies
Feel my heart begin to fly (oh fly)
I will be carried b
y my dreams

Like a flame, like a spark
I'm amazed by the change
There's a star in the dark
Calling out my name
Finally, I can see
Now I'm on my way (now I'm on my way)

Cuz hope has wings (hope has wings)
To carry you
Anything (anything)
Is pos
Just might be
A miracle
Waiting to come true (come true)

So I lift my eyes (lift my eyes)
And see the sky
Feel my heart (yeah)
begin to fly (yeah)
I will be carried by my dreams (by m
y dreams, yeah)

I have a new hope that lives in me
Anywhere I go it sets me free
It shines a light, It's everywhere
From north to south, it takes me there

I have a new hope that lives in me
Anywhere I go it sets me free
It shines a light, It's everywhere
From north to south, it takes me there

Lalalala Lalala...

Do you know why does this song really inspire me???
Well... You better read and understand the lyrics. Whenever she was stuck on the ground that's only down way to see. Whenever every step that she took sent her falling, but she believe that she could fly. She hope to have wings. (Yea... Actually this is a wisher... I prefer being a dreamer to a wisher.)
She believed that she could climb through the clouds that's actually far away from her doubt, from what she thought.
This song added my inspiration. Brie's voice was really great at that song, and I like this song a lot. I think Brie is really talented because she can acting and playing music! I remember the first time I knew her is when I watched "Hoot" movie, 2007. She looked really young in Hook but she looked really mature in She Said, and Hope Has Wings, even though the songs were made in 2005/2006, I forgot! Alright, find your inspirations! Because inspirations are needed in this life! Thanks :D

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How to Improve your Vocabulary

As you know, English has become the first language in the world. The most important thing to be a president is, you should be able to speak English. Why? Because that is the way to communicate with another presidents in each country easily. If you want to be a worker or a business woman/man in a International company, you should be able to speak English too. See, how important English is in this world?
If you are still a beginner and you think that you aren't good enough in English, it is the time for you to increase your English. Actually, English is not really hard to study. You can study it easily. All you have to do is to focus on yourself and just enjoy it! You have to improve your vocabulary. How? These are some ways to improve your vocabulary :

  1. Read English Folktales/Story Books. You can either buy or search them on the Internet. Internet is the best way to help improving your Vocabulary. For example, after searching the English Foktales on google, all you have to do is to read all the stories and find the hard words. To search the meaning of the hard works, you can use your dictionary. But sometimes, several people are too lazy to open their dictionary. Don't worry! You can browse the Internet and go translate all the words that you don't know. You can browse the Internet and go translate all the words that you don't know. It's really easy and simple to use. By typing the words only, you can know the meaning of the new words easily. Just then, you have added your knowledge. Don't forget to review the words so that you can remember all the vocabularies that you have studied.
  2. Playing games is also a good way to improve your Vocabulary. You can buy an International Monopoly game and play it with your friends. Or, you can play the Internet games like Poker, Solitare games, and another English games. Or, are you interested in singing? You can download songs' lyrics from the Internet. When you find the hard words, just go translate them.
  3. Also, by watching TV, you can improve your Vocabulary! Stay cool and focus on studying English.

There are still many ways to improve your vocabulary. You can have a pricate course at home and that will help you. Enjoy studying English, and finally... I'm sure that you can improve your vocabulary and grammar. Believe in yourself that you can improve your vocabulary. There's nothing such a hard thing to be learnt in this world. And, hope will help you... :)

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A Cindy is Someone Who...

Hi Guys! Now I'm going to write an article about me, all about me, all is related to me, Cindy...

Heya there! Call me Cindy... I like making story and playing computer a lot! Why? Because it's really fun and interesting. By playing computer and browsing the internet, I become up to date, and it's fun knowing many new news. I had an idea to make a novel and it started since I had finished my Mid Test in School. But until now, I haven't made it yet because I always want to play, play, and play, and I was trying to make my novel. The problem is, I haven't decided the characters' name yet. Actually, I have done it, but there's a lot of name that I have made. For example, I have made a name, "Scott Seamour, but when I searched it on google, what the hell? There is a lot of people named Scott Seamour. I have changed the surnames, like Scott Randall, or anything else, but there's still that name. And then I decided to change it become Scott Thorvaldson, and hopefully there aren't any names like that. Sigh, God bless me... :) I wish I could make my novel. Actually my teacher gave me a punishment as my birthday present by making a novel, not a novel, I mean 2 novels! I hope she wouldn't remember and I think she WON'T remember it anymore! haha :) Wish...

Beside making stories and playing computer, I decided to make a Youtube video. But it didn't work. Huh, it's hard and I think there's a problem with my webcam. And... Youtube is dangerous too, that's why I decided to stop trying to make a video and upload it to Youtube. Wew... This reminds me with my guitar. I broke it, I mean it fell down to the floor. And broken! I mean, I don't know. And it's lousy! Sucks! My parents wouldn't buy me a guitar, even it's only a local guitar. Only? Not... I wish I could have a Yamaha Guitar but I don't think so if it's useful after buying that thing. I just miss it a lot!

My Zodiac Sign is Aquarius because I born on 29th of January. I love Aquarius and I don't want to change my Zodiac, even though I had a chance to change it. Hey, do you know a story about one new Zodiac that can make all the Zodiacs changed. Because of that star, mine is Capricorn. But I think it's just a story and haven't been recognized by this world yet. My shio is pig. Do you know Shio? It's same as Zodiac but the characters were all animals and it's recognized by Chinese.

I love Music and it has been a part of my life. I take a Electone course every Saturday. I can play a little bit piano (because it's same like Electone) but it's harder I think. I can play guitar a little bit too and it's fun! I started to play Electone I was 7/8 years old so it's about 6/7 years old. It's fun and not too hard. I started to play guitar since I was 13 so it's about 1 year. At first, it's really hard. My friend taught me but after having my guitar, I could play many songs and I really enjoy playing guitar! It's interesting and I can rock myself! Yeah! :D I don't have any "favorite" bands but I like Jonas Brothers' songs. I also like Selena Gomez's, Demi Lovato's, and Brie Larson's songs. Actually, I love listening to a nice song especially for the inspirational songs.

I love eating and I like a lot of food! But my favorite is Chinese food, steak/grilled. I like drinking tea, cappuccino milkshake, coffee, mineral water, and I'm crazy about chocolate!

My dream is to be an author. I'm not thinking about that too much. I'm just thinking about my future. I haven't decided what I wanna be one day, I mean decide it clearly. I want to be an author, or business woman, music teacher but first and foremost I want to be an author. I have a high imagination and it's fun to be an author for me. Isn't it cool to be the youngest author in the world? Wow! >O<>

I used to get attracted with magic. But because of something that's privacy, I don't get interested in magic anymore. My favorite magician is Angela Funovits, she cool and adorable! I like her and it's hard to play fast hand for girls! Haha :D. I can play several magic tricks. I used to learn about mental magic and fast hand tricks. It's fun!

10 FAQ's about me :
♥ I love my family!
♥ I'm crazy about CHOCOLATE!
♥ I like dreaming and imaginating.
♥ Music is the best.
♥ Sarcastic.
♥ Confident.
♥ Creativity that I need.
♥ Freak.
♥ Crazy sometimes.
♥ Stay cool.
I can be very sarcastic and freak one day! And my reason is always : Sorry, because I haven't drunk my medicine. Hehe :)
Alright, I think that's enough about me. Just give your testimonial or ask a few questions if you want. Contact me : to give critics or just saying Hello! You can also ask me by visiting My facebook is : or Thanks, Guys!

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Online Special Episode!

Haha... In this time of period, wow?

I have just online with my friend from Malaysia. It was fun! We were talking about our fans... And then, this was the best. I have talked with Mr. Guy Bavli and it's fun! I didn't know if he was the real Guy or now but I bet he was the real one. Guy Bavli was one of the contestants in the Phenomenon show, NBC. But he lost in the last final episode, 4th. (Don't you think that these sentences were a little bit bla bla bla). Here it is :
hello mr. Bavli!
i really enjoy your magic show!
where you from?
im from california
have we met?
no, we havent
but i was impressed with your performance in Phenomenon. lol
ohhh thanks!
nice to meet you?
thank, nice to meet you too
but its so
i wish that you could be the winner
but actually you were eliminated in episode 5
but it's ok, you were in the 5th place. haha
was last finale episode and 4th
but who cares
it was fun
but you have done your best...
we always its not about winning
nice to meet you and see you around... sign up to the mailing list on my website:
agree! thank you so much
and it's fun to meet you and have a chat with you
hey mr. bavli, do you know Mamada Chitmangkongkul?
no ?
Actually, I want to ask you. Can you do mind reading?
depend check my website
is mind reading really exist?
im trying to learn it, but i still cant

But he hasn't answered my latest question yet but who cares? :P

Wew... And it was great. Before I didn't want to have any conversations with Eran Raven or Guy Bavli even though they were online. But because this was midnight and I've got a little bit crazier so I did it.

It was fun having online in the midnight! And it was, I thought might be... 1:30 a.m so I just wanted to sleep. But it's hard to leave the conversation between me and my friend, me and my cousin. It was hard! How about Guy Bavli? :P
I think he is kind and not arrogant. Well ~ I haven't memorized my English oral test yet and I'm afraid of tommorrow? What would happen tommorrow? Alright, Guys.. See ya later, toodles! :)

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