Broken Hearted Poem

You used to say that I was an angel
You used to say that I was the princess
You used to say that I was the perfect one

You held my hands every time
This hair you touched all the time
11 p.m the time we had a phone call

But now you're gone, leaving me alone
Do you know how much  love you
But it's all over now

3 months you've been with her
You hold her hands 
Like the way you did to me
You say all the romantic words to her
And leave me alone
In this dark way, hopeless, and desperate
And I promise...
I won't love you forever...

- Cindy...

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I Miss Blogging

Hi, Bloggers! It took a very long time to re - decorate my blog and finally I choose this template. Huh... I try not to find the complicated one and I choose this one. 

Well, I guess I will change this blog. I try to study how to design styles, even though I'm not a fashion lover and I don't really like fashion, but I love drawing so I think it would be fun to sketch some cool styles. 

Alright everyone, see you :)

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