Mother's Day Around the World

So, what do you think about Mother's Day? Do you think that it's important? I think Mother's Day is really important because it's the time to tell our feeling about how we love her. The greatest position that every woman wants is to be a mother in their life. I regard Mother's Day as a very special, but sometimes I scared to say I love You to my Mom, and I feel that I'm really shy. 

"For my greatest hero, for my wonderful banker, for my professional chef and doctor, for a part of my life, for the most beautiful woman in my mind, and for my everything... I just want to say I ♥ you. Now, say it to your Mom! Happy Mother's Day around the world... :)"

~ My mom is my greatest hero for me because she always takes care of me with her love. I really appreciate what she has done with me.

~ My mom is my wonderful banker because she always gives me money whenever I need them. As a child, I'm poor because actually, everything belongs to my Mom. My uniform, my clothes, my shoes, and all of my things. They're brought by my Mom and Dad's money.

~ My mom is my professional chef because she never feels tired to cook for me. And she is a good cooker! She is good at cooking and everybody loves the way she cook (because she cooks so fast), and the food that she makes are really great! Taste, yummy! My mom is a good doctor too because she never feels tired to take care of me when I'm sick, and I love her!

~ My mom is a part of my life that is really hard to be separated, my mom is the most beautiful woman in my mind, and my mom is my everything. 

Mom, If I hurt your feelings, you will always forgive me. You give me punishments that make me become a good child. You always take care of me, you work for me. You are a good entertainer and you always make me smile with your jokes. You are the one who always support me so that I can reach my dream. You always help me when I've got a problem. You are my shelter, you always defend me. 

I know you will feel really hurted when I hurt your feelings. I know if I killed myself and let the doctor took my kidney, my lungs, liver, and all parts of my body, it wouldn't cure your feelings. You don't want anything for me, you don't want my money to cure your feelings, but you just want my apology. And when I say I'm sorry to you, you will be very happy and it will cure your feelings.

I just don't know how to say thank you to you. You are the best for me! I love you so much, Mom...

Happy Mother's Day Around the World!!!

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