So, what do you think about "Freedom". Everyone loves freedom, because freedom is needed by everyone. I'm so happy because I feel that "Free". I have finished my examination, and now I'm feeling so free... I remembered when I studied until midnight, and woke up on 5.30 a.m... Haha, but now it's all over!

I think Freedom is something that is really needed by everyone. Everybody needs freedom. Freedom is something that can make a change. Freedom is the greatest time to find inspirations. Freedom is the greatest chance for humans to have some fun and lose control! I love freedom...

Talking about "Freedom", actually I realize that freedom is really hard to get. Freedom is really priceless, I think. We can only get it after having a suffer. For example, I can feel "this" feeling after studying for the test. Every country can get a freedom by struggling and fighting for their countries. All of the soldiers were trying to be the winner when the World War II, remember that?

Everybody expresses Freedom by raising their hands and saying "We are free! We are free from suffer, we are free from everything that is suffering, we have reached what we wanna have, A FREEDOM!"

To celebrate the freedom, now... Raise your hands and say "I AM FREE!"

God Bless You all...

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