My Experience about Sleep Paralysis

Hi everyone! Right now I'm going to talk about sleep paralysis that I had. It's not the first time I had it. I have had sleep paralysis for about more than 3 times, and the first time happened when I was about 10/11 years old.

It was night, for about 11 a.m or 12 p.m. (I don't know exactly) 

I was lying on my bed. There was my elder sister beside me, and my younger sister was sleeping on the other bed which was under my bed's. I couldn't sleep. I was trying to sleep. I didn't feel comfortable at that time. I just want to open my eyes, because I still couldn't sleep even though I close my eyes. Everyone was sleeping, except me. Well, sometimes I couldn't sleep during the sleep time, but I believed that I didn't have insomnia. It's just a sleep disorder I thought.

I had to sleep. I knew that it wouldn't be good for my health if I tried not to sleep. I wouldn't concentrate during school time on the next day. That's why, I lay my body in the supine position, trying to sleep. But suddenly, I had a dream, a very weird dream, and I thought it wasn't logical.

My younger sister and I was walking along a dark straight road. It was so dark and there was only us there. We didn't meet any people there. There was just us - my sister and I. Suddenly, she asked me to see. I didn't know what she was asking about, but I thought that she asked me to see if there was or wasn't any ghosts. I didn't have an ability to see ghost, so I was getting extremely confused at that time. Just then, that dream was lost. And I...

I realized that I was backed to my dream. I realized that I was lying on my bed, but there was something really annoyed and made me felt afraid. I couldn't move my body. I even couldn't move my finger! It was so hard! I felt so weak. Then, I felt that there was something who pushed me. It didn't let me go! I felt so panicked and exhausted. It seemed like I got trapped in a very small room. My face, my hands, and my leg were like bounded by a extremely strong rope. It was so hard to take a breath. 

I prayed to God. I tried to awake, but I still couldn't. I couldn't open my eyes, and I felt so tired. Every time I tried to be strong, I felt weak, very weak. Weaknesses took all of my energy. I got ready to wake my self up. I counted 1 until 3, and I tried to move my body! It didn't work and really wasted my energy and I felt totally limp. I tried it again, but it still didn't work. Being pushed like that, it made me feel so weak and desperated. I didn't know what I should do.

I got cold sweat. But suddenly, I realized something. I had to strengthen my heart, not my body. Because every time I strengthen my body, it would make me weak. I tried to believe in myself and felt confident. I prepared myself, and counted 1 until 3. I moved my body hardly. And suddenly, I thanked to God because I awake. But I still felt weak and didn't believe what had happened. I was lying on my bed, but I still didn't want to move my body. I felt a little bit shocked and afraid. But suddenly I tried to move it. I felt so thirsty, so I decided to take a glass of water. I didn't want to sleep at that time, but stayed up all night would disturb my school activites. So, I decided to go to my parents' bedroom and slept there.

Until now, researchers still can't explain what things that causes sleep paralysis. Is it because of evil or just a scientific problem. Because some people sometimes hear footsteps and see evils,  but I wasn't. Some people felt lucky and happy while having sleep paralysis because lead to astral projection or out of body experiences.  I'll see you Guys later :D

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