I absolutely love imagination and I'm a kind of person who always use my imagination in my life. I love imagine something, and definitely.. I love fantasy! I really love reading Fantasy Story, actually I prefer watching to reading it, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I think J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan are so great. They could make such beautiful fantasy stories that's so adventuring and extremely awesome! Their imagination were so great and I loved the way they made those kind of fantasy stories! I'm crazy about writing stories too, and I hope I can be a great fantasy author one day! Extremely love fantasy! All fantasy authors are great I think due to the fact that they can make a lot of fantasy creatures such as mermaids, pegasuses, unicorns, and the other creatures

If you are interested in writing story, especially writing fantasy stories, it would be great if you keep practicing your writing. You can write wherever, whenever, and what would you like to write. Just use your imagination and keep working hard. :)

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