If you want to reach something that you wanna reach, you must try to reach it, no matter if it's hard or easy, you just want to reach it and wish that you could reach your dream, because you wanna reach something that's really important for yourself.

After you success in reaching your dream or what you want, I bet you will feel extremely happy and proud of yourself, isn't it? You must feel so happy and confident, believe in yourself because you have done the best for yourself.

I'm proud of myself because I have done the best and shown my best especially to my mother. She had picked me up during the examination and I just felt so sorry if I couldn't make her proud, I couldn't make her happy. Every children's dream is to make their parents happy, I bet all of you who read this especially if you are children will agree with me. You guys want to make your parents happy , aren't you? The biggest dream of a child is to make his/her parents happy, I think.

Finally, I'm so excited. I wasn't really focus on my studying before, definitely when I was studied for my examination. But, I really thanked to God because He have lead me during the examination, and I know He will always lead me forever. I can make my parents proud. I have given the best gift (for her). I graduated from the eighth grade and got rank 2 in my class. That makes me become a confidant and... I absolutely proud of myself.

"You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong." - Warren
"You will find the key to success under the alarm clock. " - Benjamin Franklin
So, Guys... Do the best for your parents and yourself, of course. Because the best about you, will make your parents feel so proud of yourself. I believe that you can make your parents feel glad and do the best for yourself!

Thank you for my friends, especially from the 8th grader. It's so cool to have friends like you guys. Hope we can meet and be good friends - last forever..

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