How to Improve your Vocabulary

As you know, English has become the first language in the world. The most important thing to be a president is, you should be able to speak English. Why? Because that is the way to communicate with another presidents in each country easily. If you want to be a worker or a business woman/man in a International company, you should be able to speak English too. See, how important English is in this world?
If you are still a beginner and you think that you aren't good enough in English, it is the time for you to increase your English. Actually, English is not really hard to study. You can study it easily. All you have to do is to focus on yourself and just enjoy it! You have to improve your vocabulary. How? These are some ways to improve your vocabulary :

  1. Read English Folktales/Story Books. You can either buy or search them on the Internet. Internet is the best way to help improving your Vocabulary. For example, after searching the English Foktales on google, all you have to do is to read all the stories and find the hard words. To search the meaning of the hard works, you can use your dictionary. But sometimes, several people are too lazy to open their dictionary. Don't worry! You can browse the Internet and go translate all the words that you don't know. You can browse the Internet and go translate all the words that you don't know. It's really easy and simple to use. By typing the words only, you can know the meaning of the new words easily. Just then, you have added your knowledge. Don't forget to review the words so that you can remember all the vocabularies that you have studied.
  2. Playing games is also a good way to improve your Vocabulary. You can buy an International Monopoly game and play it with your friends. Or, you can play the Internet games like Poker, Solitare games, and another English games. Or, are you interested in singing? You can download songs' lyrics from the Internet. When you find the hard words, just go translate them.
  3. Also, by watching TV, you can improve your Vocabulary! Stay cool and focus on studying English.

There are still many ways to improve your vocabulary. You can have a pricate course at home and that will help you. Enjoy studying English, and finally... I'm sure that you can improve your vocabulary and grammar. Believe in yourself that you can improve your vocabulary. There's nothing such a hard thing to be learnt in this world. And, hope will help you... :)

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