My Favorites ...

Hi, Guys! Now, I'm going to tell you about my favorites bla bla bla... The things that I like and they're all dedicated to me...

Q : Start from the simple one. What is your favorite food?
A : I like every food but I really like Chinese food, steak, and grilled. They are really delicious to be eaten. I'm crazy about chicken noodle, or soups. Like them a lot!

Q : Now, what is your favorite drink?
A : I really like cappuccino/chocolate milk shake, tea, coffee, and mineral water.

Q : What is your favorite movie?
A : I like adventurous and fantasy movie like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I also like Barbie movies because I love the effects and the fantasy stories! Action movie is not bad too.

Q : What is your favorite day?
A : I like Saturday Night. I'm a Night person.

Q : What is your favorite band / celebrity?
A : I like Jonas Brothers' songs because they are awesome! I also like Demi, Selena, and Brie Larson because they are great and talented!

Q : What site do you often open?
A : Now is Blogspot.

Q : Do you like Twilight?
A : I don't think so. :)

Q : Do you like making story? What kind of story is it?
A : A lot. I like making adventurous and fantasy story! :)

Q : What favorite music do you like?
A : I like upbeat, electro rock, and pop musics.
Q : Which one  do you prefer, Angel or Devil?
A : Angel, naturally...

Q : Your favorite colour?
A : I like black, white, and blue.

Q : Your favorite style?
A : I like something that's comfy to wear... Just that, simple...
Getcha! Bye all! I'm so boring. I just twisting my pen and saying, Laa dee daa~ See ya!

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