How to Overcome your Afraidness When Speaking in Front of Many People

I know that there are several people who become afraid when they are asked to talk in front of the classroom. And they will be more afraid when they are asked to talk in front of the classroom or many people spontaneously because they haven't prepared anything yet. Actually, you don't have to be afraid! And for you who are afraid to talk in front of many people, I will try to fix your problem, cause I think it's a BIG problem!

I used to be like that before. I was afraid if my teacher asked me to speak in front of the class. I wasn't really afraid, but I was a little bit nervous and not too confident. I just didn't believe in myself that I could do better than what in my doubt was. I just talked ordinarily, I didn't do the speech or talk very well. Evidently, I was thanked to God cause now I know that I have an ability to talk in front of many people. Even though my teacher asks me to do it spontaneously, I'm not afraid. I just realized that ability when I was Junior High School. So, all you have to do to overcome your afraidness is :

1. Find your Ability
If you think that you don't have any abilities, it MUST be wrong! Humans are unique. Every human has his/her own ability. For example, if you are good at music, your friend maybe isn't good at music. Or, if you aren't good at Maths, maybe you are good at Biology. Everything is possible! So, try to find your ability. You will find and know it someday. Believe in yourself is the best thing that you should do.
I remembered I have realized about my ability since I was Junior High School. When my teacher hadn't come into my class yet, and all my friends were so noisy and it's really disturbing. I just came up with an idea. I remembered my friend gave me my teacher's flash disk, and I just turn on the computer. I asked everyone to be quiet and I started to be a teacher! I explained about the lesson, even though I was a student and I didn't know about the lesson clearly. The following day, my teacher asked all my friends to give me applause when she knew that I had helped her to explain the lesson. At that time, I realized that I had an ability to speak in front of the people spontaneously and my life had changed from Elementary School to Junior High School. I wasn't shy and introvert anymore...

2. Be confident and Trust Yourself
Think positive! Don't think that everything that you've planned will gonna be wrong. Don't think that you'll get embarassed. Don't say ,"I can't do this!". But believe in yourself, and say... Yes, you can! (Mr. Obama!) Yes, Mr. Obama is right. You can't do everything unless you believe in yourself. Don't try to predict something that's negative, but say to your heart that you CAN do what you wanna do. I never say ,"Oh God! I'm gonna die! I cant, I can't!" If you say those words, it means that you have controlled your brain, you don't believe in yourself, you think about the negative side, and then you won't be success. You have accentuated that you can't do what you wanna do in your mind. That's why I want you to be focus on yourself and be a confidant.

3. Add your Knowledge
If your teacher ask you to give the speech in front of the class spontaneously, you need to know about what you are going to say. Reading books can help you to boast your knowledge so that you can easily speak in front of the people without thinking about what you gonna say too much in order not to waste your time.

If you're just talking in front of the people seriously, people will sometimes get bored and think that your speech is really monotonous. Try to give some jokes or funny stories (but remember, you aren't a joker, so don't tell about something that's absurd or they will mark you as a joker.

5. Open your Minds
Open your minds! Think that you can do what you wanna do. I didn't practice to speak in front of many people when I was asked to talk in front of them spontaneously. Just when I realized and changed myself into a confidant and brave girl, I could talk fluently and the idea would come up easily in my brain. I have a strong commitment that I can do it, I can talk in front of the people spontaneously, that's why I might be not afraid and I can easily speak in front of my friends or teachers.

6. Control them!
Sometimes when you talk to somebody, they won't hear you because they feel that they prefer gossiping or playing with their friends to listening to your speech. If you meet a situation like this, you have to entertain them, or at least you have to control them so that they will hear your speech and respect you.

7. Throw Away Your Nervousness
Nervous is the biggest enemy. It always appears when you're feeling afraid or confuse. To throw away this feeling, all you have to do is to be brave and think positive! Don't feel afraid or confuse. Trust yourself that you can do it!

Well, I'm not really good at talking / a professional one. But actually I think that it's ok. I just believe in myself and have a commitment that I can do it, I can do it. And, I don't know why I can find my ability. Now, I'm confidant, I have a confidence, and think something postively. Hope this will help you. Thanks :)

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