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Hi, Guys! So, if I'm talking about my family, or even your family, what words will you say for the first time? Family is really unique. Sometimes, it can be very annoying. But sometimes, you will feel that your family is the greatest present from God. Sometimes you really love your family, but sometimes you really don't like your family. That's it!

Actually family is the first and foremost for me. It is the greatest present from God to me. Without them, I will feel loneliness and scariness in my mind. I will never know about something that's really funny, something that's really adventurous. My mind will be filled with all sad things, or maybe I feel that it's really useless to live in this earth. I really thank God for my family : My daddy, my mommy, my sisters, my grandma, and also my friends! They are really helpful for me.

I just watched a movie that had been released in 2003. The title of the movie is : Freaky Friday, starring : Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon, Harold Gould, and Chad Michael Murray. It's about an overworked woman and her 15 year - old daughter. They are not get along with each other. One day, they have a big argument in a Chinese Restaurant. And after they eat a fortune cookie, suddenly their bodies are switched in the next day. But those things make their relationship become good, and finally they have a good relationship, such as mother and daughter. Wanna see the stories! See it on Youtube. 

Here is one of the scenes :

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Tess Coleman
Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman

                                       Chad Michael Murray as Jake

The movie is really fantastic! It's funny and I really enjoy watching this movie. As a family, we need to be honest and helping every each other....

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