Protect Our Earth From the Global Warming Issue!

At the Biology Lesson in my school, my friends and I learnt about the environmental management. My teacher told us that, before he was a teacher, he worked in one of the television show, as a map reader. He had many experiences when he worked as a map reader. Then, he said that we studied Biology, not only for boosting our knowledge, but also knew about something that’s related with the environment. So, he chose to be a teacher and left his previous occupation, because he wanted to share his experiences and knowledge with many children. He told about the environment which was got worse in the last few days and ordered us to protect our environment from danger.
Therefore, I must not be selfish and need to worry about the environmental issue in this world. The environmental issue that I most concerned about is global warming. Pollutions and carbon dioxide will affect global warming. Because of the green house effect, the earth is warming faster than 10.000 years ago! And, because of global warming, the climate will change, and there will be land degradation. As we know, people have made many presentations about global warming, spread brochures, and posters which were said: “STOP, GLOBAL WARMING!” I always hear several people said those words, but how can it stopped while there still a few people who are consider about global warming.
So, I want all of the people not only say that we must stop global warming, but also try to stop it. Several people say that we can stop the global warming by plant trees, be a vegetarian, etc,  and I think people have already known about those. I have the better idea to decrease the global warming issue. People can make a fuel which made from biogas, such as animals’ dirt. The bacteria will make a pressure and yield electricity. The filths from that process will be used for fertilizing plants. If we make it, I think we can help them who lived in the isolated village, and it can reduce the impact of Global Warming because we have decreased the exploitation of oils and coals, and people can help this earth from global warming issue!
Sometimes, when we tried to remind people who are littered, the people would say that we are disturbing them. .So, as a student, I started to do the simple one, I have made a presentation and tell it to my friends. I also have told all of my friends and someone that I known to recycle things such as papers. We can crush the papers using mortal and pestle, then added with water and dry them. Recycling paper will save million of trees in the world!
 So, all of you please protect this earth. Now, there are several people who create an organization, such as WWF. That organization will protect our earth from danger. So, who want be participated in our protecting programme? Let’s protecting our earth from global warming issue! 

I made the essay when I was joining the Nickelodeon Big Green Help Essay Writing Competition. It's fun!

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